Outside INnovation: Levelled up by AI

OPINION: Sitting back and letting AI take care of everything is a boon to productivity

The request comes in. A conference needs to be set up in Medicon Valley. Tout de Suite! A new piece of research developed out of a Zealand lab has big implications. Opportunities amok. But it’s going to take a lot of collaboration to spin the wheels and accelerate it to the next stage of development.

And that means a gathering of capabilities from across Denmark and Scania. Time is of the essence. 

Stay on your bot
Or it used to be. In the ‘old days’ (circa ’22) it could take six months to plan and prepare for an international conference.

Now things are different. Now we’ve got AutoGPT and other bots, and they are wired up to a bunch of other agents. Human effort/confusion/negotiation/back-and-forth is out-of-the-loop.

The scope, desired speakers and audience are spoken into the AI’s prompt. The parameters are set. The AI responds with: “Do you want me to execute? Y/N.”

You type “Y”.

Takes care of everything
Then you sit back and wait. Maybe grab a bite at the Palæ Bar. You can always check in on the bot over smørrebrød and a glass of red.

You take your own advice and fire up the bot over lunch. It’s auto-executing, wired into a bunch of other bots processing requests for a conference venue. You check the website that’s been created. Theme and branding, rendered out of Midjourney, fits the sponsors. The bot’s already synched with the client’s bot marketeers. Invites are out and you’ve already got a bunch of registrations.

You hit Strøget and get a ping that catering and venue management are confirmed. All under the budget you primed the AI with.

Satisfied that it’s executing the project to your specs, you scroll through the other events that you took on this morning. Jakarta is on schedule, Lima needed a back-up venue, but the bot auto-executed and is well ahead of you.

Complete gamechanger
A ping from a hungry VC. You swipe it away. You bootstrapped with a couple of subscriptions and some talent out of DTU. Your CBS compadre filled the gap. You reflect briefly on the fact that you are a four-person outfit running global events, doing the job of six different sales, marketing and event organisations, each with a hundred plus employees (last year).

Well, that’s four people powered by an auto-executing assistant that never sleeps. Talk about getting levelled up!

Last year you were running a café in Hellerup. You got in early on the ChatGPT wave. But you were clued-in to what comes next. Bots getting other bots to execute business processes. Now the café is a hobby, and you are helping to accelerate R&D by bringing global audiences together.

Hmmm, maybe it’s time to scale up, and perhaps go adjacent …