Looking for love in Copenhagen?
David Munis Zepernick

January 18th, 2024

If you are looking for a Danish partner aged 25-29 the odds are good.

David Munis Zepernick is a former city councillor for Radikale.

If you are looking for a Danish partner aged 25-29 the odds are good.

About half of the Danes within that age group are single. If you are a woman, it´s even easier and there is a bit more to choose from as 56,2 % of the men are single compared to only 43,7 % of the women. Part of the explanation is that we do not necessarily mate with someone in the same age group.

On average men in Denmark and elsewhere tend to partner with slightly younger women and women tend to partner with slightly older men. These are, however, the national figures.

If you happen to live in Copenhagen the statistics are upside down as Copenhagen, including Frederiksberg and the neighboring municipality of Gentofte, are flooded with young single women.

A lot of them originates from the rural areas of Denmark and have chosen to move to Copenhagen to work and study. Consequently, there are certain rural areas of Denmark – see link below – where there are more than twice as many men as women. The women have simply left and left the men behind!

Unequal gender distribution of single 25-29-year-olds

This gender-specific urbanization probably also explains at least part of the fertility challenged addresses by the prime minister in the traditional New year´s speech 1 st of January.

The fertility rate for Denmark in 2023 was about 1.7 births per woman, which is significantly below the sustainable replacement level fertility of 2.1 required in countries such as Denmark with a very low infant and child mortality rate.

But if the surplus of single young men and women respectively life 50 – 100 km apart they are probably less likely to start planning a family together and there is not all that much the government can do about that.

Make love and work less

Being a young single international in Denmark open to amorous adventures with a potential for “family planning”, statitstics might help to guide you in the right direction. If you are male, the Metropol area is certainly a statistically favorable hunting ground.

If you are female, however, expect the competition in Copenhagen to be tough.

But Denmark is a small country, so there is no need for women to despair. Less than an hour´s drive from the City Hall Square, there are more than twice as many single men as women, and the odds are generally in the women´s favor in 95 of the 98 Danish municipalities.


David Munis Zepernick

David Munis Zepernick is a former city councillor for Radikale.


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