Denmark discourages travel to Bulgaria

Denmark warns against unnecessary travel to Bulgaria due to coronavirus cases but opens up to more Swedish regions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages all unnecessary travel to Bulgaria (photo: Pixabay/nextvoyage)
July 24th, 2020 9:00 am| by Ayee Macaraig

People in Denmark looking to head to the Bulgarian resorts of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands for the holidays may have to rethink their plans as the government warned against travel to the Balkan country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday discouraged all unnecessary travel to Bulgaria due to an excessive number of coronavirus infections. The announcement was part of the ministry’s weekly travel guidelines update as it monitors COVID-19 cases in the rest of the world.

Bulgaria joins Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden in Denmark’s list of countries where travel is advised against. Denmark also discourages unnecessary travel to Ireland due to its quarantine rules.

More Swedish regions open
Despite the inclusion of Sweden in the list, Denmark has eased travel restrictions to more of the Scandinavian nation’s regions. Twelve Swedish regions are now approved while travel to nine other regions is still discouraged.

Denmark now allows travel to the Swedish regions of Jämtlad Härjedalen, Sörmland, Uppsala, Örebro and Östergötland.

They join other Swedish regions Blekinge, Halland, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Skåne, Värmland and Västerbotten, which were previously approved in Denmark’s list.

Spain’s Aragon region
The ministry said that people traveling to Denmark after a stay in Spain’s Aragon region are encouraged to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in the Nordic nation.

This is because the region now has more than 50 new cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants per week.

‘Open’ countries where travel is allowed

Countries in Europe

  1. Norway
  2. Finland
  3. Iceland
  4. Estonia
  5. Latvia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Poland
  8. Germany
  9. Netherlands
  10. UK
  11. Ireland
  12. Belgium
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Slovakia
  15. Austria
  16. Hungary
  17. Slovenia
  18. Romania
  19. Greece
  20. Albania
  21. Serbia
  22. Kosovo
  23. Montenegro
  24. Bosnia
  25. Croatia
  26. Italy
  27. Switzerland
  28. Spain
  29. France
  30. Andorra
  31. Monaco
  32. San Marino
  33. Vatican City

Countries outside Europe

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Georgia
  4. Japan
  5. New Zealand
  6. South Korea
  7. Thailand
  8. Tunisia
  9. Uruguay

Special circumstances
In countries such as Sweden and Spain, there are regions not advisable to travel to, just as there are regions that are not quarantined.

Source: Police and Jyllands-Posten