We’re having a canon ball! Church celebrates ‘promotion’ of resident priest

After all, if foreign residents don’t take the chance to made their voices heard, how’s it going to look if Parliament is debating national election enfranchisement in three or four decades’ time?

Canon in dee nave! Reverend Smitha was joined by family and fellow clergy following the confirmation of her canonship
November 4th, 2021 5:00 am| by Bev Lloyd-Roberts

Reverend Madhu Smitha Prasadam is now a canon! A special service conducted by Bishop Robert Innes was held at St Alban’s Church in Copenhagen on September 24, where Reverend Prasadam is the resident priest.

A great many parishioners came out to pay their respects and enjoy post-service refreshments.

As the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, the Right Reverend Dr Robert Innes is the Anglican faith’s most senior clergyman located outside Britain. He has held the position since 2013.

For parishioners it was a welcome opportunity to catch up after a prolonged period of online services!

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