Interns at The Copenhagen Post

The Copenhagen Post welcomes interns. We accept applications, but prefer internships that are at least eight weeks long.

About The Copenhagen Post

For 25 years The Copenhagen Post has been the leading, independent media serving Danish news in English for a growing international segment in Danish society. 

Today, under new ownership, The Copenhagen Post is on an exciting journey from a free paper to a subscription based online media. 

The media’s tagline is “Your Danish connection” and whether we do news stories, in depth business themes or portrait interviews our ambition is to do exactly that. 

The Copenhagen Post is for all internationals living and working in Denmark.

The reporting focuses on what’s important in Denmark, life as an international in Denmark, the challenges internationals face and how internationals contribute to Danish business, culture etc.

We also have a strong focus on where to go and what to do.

Interns and assignments

The editorial team is a small group of dedicated, experienced and motivated professionals and interns at The Copenhagen Post are of great importance to the media. 

As an intern and newcomer to Denmark you see us and the country with a new point of view. We welcome that, and we quickly give our interns great responsibility. This is also the reason why we prefer interns that already have produced journalism.

As an intern at The Copenhagen Post you will be producing from day one. Our editorial team will introduce you to our media and our editorial concepts that you will work with: 

“This week in Copenhagen”
A concept that gives our users an insight into what’s on the cultural scene.

“My lovely Copenhagen” 
An interview concept where you talk with internationals living in Denmark.

“They make Denmark work”
An interview concept where you talk with internationals about their work experiences in Denmark. 

Social Media
Interns at The Copenhagen Post often have great ideas for social media both content and the management. 

News stories 
We produce day-to-day news stories quoting e.g. Danish media. Every day we look into what’s the most important news and serve it to our readers in our own way. A key assignment for us is to help our users understand Danish society.

Want to know more?

If you have interest in an internship at The Copenhagen Post you’re welcome to send your application to Editor Lena Hunter (

Your application should include a short motivation for joining the editorial team, a CV and a few examples of your previous work. If you have special interests in e.g. social media or specific topics that could be relevant please let us know.