Supreme Court: okay to sue PM over Lisbon Treaty ratification

Group says prime minister was required to hold referendum

In a surprise decision, the Supreme Court has given 35 plaintiffs the go-ahead to sue the prime minister for allowing parliament to ratify the Lisbon Treaty without holding a referendum.

In October 2009, the Eastern High Court refused to permit the group to sue the PM on the grounds that there was no legal interest.


A unanimous Supreme Court, however, decided today that the plaintiffs do have a legal interest in the matter, and will be allowed to bring their case before a High Court judge.


In 1996 a group was permitted to take then-PM Poul Nyrup Rasmussen to court for violating the constitution in connection with the enactment of the Maastricht Treaty.


The group lost, and in deciding not to hear the case, the Eastern High Court said the 1996 decision had set the legal precedent.