Danes in US killer’s scrapbook

Photos taken outside Central Station, but they were not victims say police

Two of the young women featured in a scrap book belonging to the notorious American serial killer Rodney Alcala were Danish, it has emerged.

Alcala, 66, the so-called ‘Dating Game Killer’ due to an appearance he made on the TV show of the same name, is currently on Death Row in California after being found guilty of murdering four women and one 12-year-old girl between 1977 and 1979.

Alcala is suspected of killing and sexually abusing many more, and US police, with the help of one of the killer’s scrap books that contains hundreds of pictures of young women, are currently trying to identify as many of his victims as possible.

Alcala visited Denmark in the 1970s and two of his photos are of teenage girls taken outside Copenhagen’s Central Station. However, Danish police made contact with the women in March and established that neither were victims of Alcala’s.

Alcala introduced himself to his victims by approaching them to take their photographs, after which he drugged, raped and sometimes strangled them.