Left-wing extremists charged with illegal surveillance

September 2nd, 2011

This article is more than 13 years old.

Up to six individuals may face six years in jail for participating in illegal surveillance and violence against members of right wing

Members of left-wing research organisation Redox are suspected of participating in illegal surveillance and assault, Politiken newspaper reports.


The charges arrive after an 18 month investigation by domestic intelligence agency PET with police confirming that at least one of them – a 25-year-old – was a major figure in Redox’s surveillance of the far right.


Several members of the left-wing group Antifascist Action (Antifascistisk Aktion or AFA) are also being accused of using violence to disturb meetings and demonstrations held by right wing groups.


Police say up to six people face charges, each facing up to six years in jail.


While Redox claims not to have ties with the AFA, the 25-year-old was reportedly also a member of the group, which is accused of using the surveillance to plan attacks.


A police raid uncovered a database of information about a large number of individuals, including their pin codes, banking details and education as well as information about the families and their activities including photographs of them obtained through covert surveillance.


The information has been used to smear members of right-wing organisations, such as in the case of Dan Jensen who, according to allegedly, lost his job after information released by Redox and published by tabloid Ekstra Bladet revealed he was active in the Danish Front (Dansk Front).


Politiken used information from Redox as the source of its story about a secret right-wing network that sought to purge the country of immigrants called ORG. ORG was revealed to have links to many far-right groups in including violent hooligan group White Pride.


The newspaper acknowledged at the time that Redox was being investigated for illegal surveillance but stated that, according to Redox, the information was leaked from a source within ORG. 


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