Who is … Christiane Schaumburg-Müller

She is a Danish model, TV presenter and actress.

Where might I have seen her?

If you watch Danish TV, you might well have seen her presenting the show ‘Vild med dansÂ’, the show that pairs professional dancers with Danish ‘starsÂ’, and makes you wonder why the professionals get paid so well when just about anyone can learn  to dance within a few weeks!

Is she any good?

Never seen the programme myself, but IÂ’m told sheÂ’s very irritating. However, sheÂ’s well qualified for the role, having been a professional dancer herself.

Where did Schaumberg-Müller get her break?

In 2007 she got a part in  TV2Â’s soap opera ‘2900 HappinessÂ’. The show was pulled in 2009 because it was simply awful, scoring a pitiful 3 out of 10 on IMBD.

Never seen it. Where else might I have spotted her?

SheÂ’s been in numerous advertising campaigns for the bag retailer Neye, so her face is often plastered all over their shop windows.

She seems to be doing well in Denmark. Does she have her eyes set on a bigger audience?

Indeed she does. She recently went to a casting for a role as a Bond babe. She wasnÂ’t offered a role this time around, but Billed Bladet reported that she didnÂ’t rule out the possibility of a role in a future Bond movie. Presumably she thinks sheÂ’s going to get better looking with age.

So what are her plans for the future?

She has just begun hosting a new morning show at the weekend. The show, ‘Weekend, weekend’, will be a lot like the breakfast TV shows shown on weekdays. It remains to be seen if enough adults will be successful at wrestling the remote controls from their kids who will want to see their weekly dose of cartoons.

Anything else?

Schaumberg-Müller is soon to star in the main role in the Danish version of the hit Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical ‘Evita’. In August she can also be seen in Susanne Bier’s new film, ‘Den Skaldede Frisør’.

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