Windy and wild


A low pressure system moving across the Atlantic that brought hurricane-force winds to western Denmark is currently socking the area north of Copenhagen.

The winds have torn roofs off homes, taken down trees and in the port town of Hanstholm, Jutland, topped a fishing ship.

Copenhagen-area residents should be aware that S-togline A is not running between Buddinge and Farum, and line E is not running between Birkerød and Hillerød. Buses have been put into service on both stretches. Widespread delays are reported on all lines. 

Kastrup Airport is reporting only a handful of cancellations or delays. 

The Ã˜resund Bridge has been closed in both directions to cars. There are no reports, however, of train service being cancelled. DSBFirst reports 30 minute delays.

Winds in eastern Denmark are expected to begin subsiding around 11pm.

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>>> UPDATE 9:48pm >>> Rail infrastructure agency Banedanmark expects that to have power lines on the two affected S-tog stretches repaired before the morning rush tomorrow. Only scattered delays are expected.

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