An early Christmas treat for little Carl

The Carl Dance Festival is here yet again, and this yearÂ’s programme is packed with shows for all ages. Without further ado, here are three of the highlights from this yearÂ’s week of dance.

Hvem kommer først: sommer eller vinter?
(Who comes first: summer or winter?)

Lille Carl, Pasteursvej 20; starts Fri, ends Wed, performances Fri 15:00, Sat 11:30, Sun 10:00, Mon-Wed 17:00; tickets 80kr, kids 50kr; duration 25 mins

Who comes first: summer or winter? is a show for two to six-year-olds about experiencing nature and its mysteries. Watch the changes in the year passing by as the four seasons dance across the stage. This show is all about feeling nature, and the children will experience what happens when the seasons change – how the body reacts when itÂ’s cold. And all this in a mix of movement, sound and pictures, which will fascinate everyone, young and old.

Made in Copenhagen
Store Carl; starts Wed, ends Dec 10, performances Wed-Thu 19:00, Dec 10 at 11:00 & 19:00; tickets 80kr, kids 50kr

Dorte OlesenÂ’s Made in Copenhagen is a performance for mature teenagers and adults, which the Swedish-based, Danish-born choreographer has adapted from her show Made in Sweden. It is a show about big feelings, teenage life and survival, and about what it means to be seen, or not to be.

What happens when you introduce two different forms of art and let them run wild? Does creativity have a set age? Here you will experience the raw, honest language of the teenage creativity and see all their voices melt together and become one. Made in Copenhagen is a product of the dancers in it. The young professionals are not told what to do, but have been included in the process, adding to the originality of the show. Come and see a unity, and a bond on stage, which will spread to the floor and beyond. Made in Copenhagen is premiering at the Carl Dance Festival.


Langt ude
(Far Out)

Lille Carl; starts Fri, ends Wed; performances Fri 17:00, Sat-Sun 13:00, Mon-Wed 12:00; tickets 80kr, kids 50kr; duration 45 mins

Four classmates pack their bags and go on a life-changing quest in the woods. Far Out is a noisy, scary show for 10-14 year olds about a fear of the unknown, a fear of natural disasters in the night, and our own vulnerability. Far Out takes you on a journey where dreams, hopes and catastrophes get intertwined in a show full of speed. Get up close and far out when nature meets our modern world. Far Out is premiering at Carl Dance Festival.

For those interested, there will be dancing fun for the kids and free pancakes from 16:30 on December 5, 6, and 7. So come and have a bite and boogie along to the balloon dance, echo dance and mirror dance. 


Carl Dance Festival
Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 14-24, 1799 Cph V; starts Friday, ends Dec 11; 3329 1010,