Who is … Harry?

He’s a character in the television adverts for national rail operator DSB.

What does he look like? He is about tahe size of a 10-year-old child, has light purple fur, and some reddish stringy wool sprouting out of his head.

Why should I be interested in him? No real reason, except that DSB has announced that its advertising campaign with Harry and his side-kick, Bahnsen (Søren Pilmark), will terminate at the end of the year. Hallelujah!

Is Harry any good? I donÂ’t think so, but the people at DSB must disagree with me because theyÂ’ve featured Harry in their TV advertising since 1999. He has been in an incredible 90 adverts for the company.

So how has he managed to stick around so long? Despite my opinions, the adverts have clearly not been perceived by everyone as a load of drivel. And they have (unbelievably) won quite a few awards.

They must be pretty good adverts then. Hmmmm, I am not entirely convinced that the furry creatureÂ’s banter with Pilmark caused a great many people to use the train. And I, for one, would have gone out of my way to avoid taking the train if I thought there was a chance that I might end up sitting next to Harry.

So why are they getting rid of the adverts? Perhaps because they’re bad, although DSB’s marketing director prefers to say that they can produce “more clever, better and more up-to-date marketing” now. It is also due, in no small part, to DSB’s dire financial situation. The Harry adverts were not cheap. Tabloid BT estimated that Pilmark alone earned about five million kroner a year for his part in the performances. No word on Harry’s fees.

I think he sounds like a funny little chappie. Is it too late to meet him? YouÂ’re in luck! Harry will be a the main station in Copenhagen on December 3 and 4, where he will be joining in the station’s 100th anniversary celebrations.