Carlsberg to lay off 150

Company blames “uncertain market conditions” as it seeks to “focus on fewer, but more important activities”

Even beer wasnÂ’t recession proof this year. Carlsberg has announced plans to lay off 150 staff across Europe – 95 of whom have already been notified in Denmark, Switzerland and Poland.

2011 has been a challenging year for the world’s fourth largest brewery group, the company said in a statement, and it expects “difficult and uncertain market conditions” in Europe over the coming years.

“Our response is to focus on fewer, but more important activities and execute them with greater impact,” said Carlsberg’s chief executive Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen. “This also means that there will be activities that we choose not to do or become a lesser priority.”

The company said this means greater co-ordination between markets will be necessary, as well as a new supply chain organisation to oversee the European market, which will be based in Switzerland and should be up and running by late 2012.

Carlsberg has been expanding into newer markets in recent years, with Asia accounting for 9 percent of its operating profits. The company also owns one of RussiaÂ’s largest breweries, but the companyÂ’s profits have been hit by sharp tax hikes and a poor harvest.

Carlsberg employs more than 41,000 people worldwide and its headquarters are in Copenhagen.