Who is … Peter Frödin?

He is a Danish actor, comedian and singer.

How would I know him?
HeÂ’s currently starring in a TV advert that caught my attention.

Well, it must be good then Â…
Quite the contrary. If you ever watch Danish TV, you will have definitely stumbled upon the quite awful adverts for telephone company TDC starring a naked elderly couple.

I guess Frödin didn’t start out as an advertising-naturalist?
Nope, he began as a fully-clothed actor in 1984 in the Merkurteatret. He has played many comedic roles and has also had a long spell as a childrenÂ’s TV presenter.

So, is he funny?
The magazine Billedbladet refers to him as “one of the country’s funniest men”.

You say he is also a singer Â…
Yes, amongst other things he sang the theme song to the film ‘En Kort En Lang’ (along with Hella Joof and Martin Bryggmann), which was the most played song on Danish radio in the period 1995 – 2010.

What about his family life?
In a fairly recent TV interview, he admitted to having had relationships with women, but says he always knew he was homosexual. He is now happily married to his husband of 14 years, Jon.

Why did TDC make those horrible ‘nude’ adverts anyway?
Why, indeed! On TDC’s website, the marketing people have a typically long-winded explanation. Apparently TDC has done away with the ‘unnecessary frills’ of advertising and ‘gone back to basics’. I’d say!

“We would like people to think: ‘Wow, what was that?’,” TDC’s marketing director Tomas Pietrangeli said. Actually, Tomas, most people I know would say: “What the hell was that?” I’m afraid we can expect to see poor Frödin humiliating himself in his sumo wrestler-like costume for some time to come.

What else is he up to?
Well, if you just can’t get enough of Frödin, you can spend Christmas Day watching DR1, which will feature him in the programme ‘Her er dit liv’ (‘Here is your life’). Tempting, I know.