Police release photos of suspected killers

Search for two men who bound, gagged and killed an 81-year-old woman in her Herlev home

Police in Greater Copenhagen’s Vestegn region have released photos of two men suspected of being involved in the murder of an 81-year-old woman in Herlev.

The woman was bound to the bed in her apartment on December 30 and gagged. Her daughter later found her lifeless body, Berlingske newspaper reported. Taken from the apartment was a small amount of cash and a Dankort debit card, which the men later used 13 times.

Police have now released a photo of a man taken by a surveillance camera at the scene of a cash machine in Frederiksberg, as well as a photo of a second man in a newsagent in the city centre, which they believe to be the two perpetrators.

According to Berlingske, police so far do not know much about the two men.

“We don’t know anything about their nationality, but one of them spoke broken English,” Charlotte Skovby of the Vestegn Police told the paper. “We know that because they tried to use the card in a little shop in Copenhagen, where the clerk remembered them.”

Police investigators are still searching the woman’s Herlev home for clues and are treating the case as a murder.

“We have worked with police from other districts and have found similar cases, but as of now we cannot say if the same perpetrators might be involved,” said Skovby.

Although the woman was bound and gagged on December 30, it was not until two days later that police realised that her Dankort had been stolen. According to Berlingske News Bureau, had the police been in ongoing contact with Dankort administrator Nets from the beginning, they may have been able to catch the two men in the act of using the card.