Roskilde Festival adds new electro stage

Festival giving something to electro music lovers with their new stage Apollo

ThereÂ’s good news for electronic music fans who are tired of all the indie rock and hardcore metal which often dominate DenmarkÂ’s largest festival. This year Roskilde Festival is introducing a new stage, Apollo, with a special focus on electronic music.

“We have promoted leading electronic artists since the beginning of the 90s, from The Orb to Daft Punk to Tiësto,” the festival’s program planner Claes Roepstorff said. “Apollo is going to continue this tradition and give room to those artists who have a big sound, but who don’t take up a lot of space on stage. “

The stageÂ’s name Apollo comes from the Greek god of music, and festival organisers said its addition will add to RoskildeÂ’s innovative music profile. The stage will shift locations on a daily basis during the pre-festival warm-up before being placed in the camping area near the skate park during the festival.

The Apollo stage will focus on upcoming talents from Scandinavia and will have an audience capacity for 3,000 – 5,000, putting it close in size to the Odeon and Pavilion venues.

With the addition, the Roskilde Festival now has a total of eight stages. So far the festival has announced ten music performers for 2012, including such big names as Bruce Springsteen, Björk and Bon Iver.