Kids Corner | Happy birthdays guaranteed

Preparing for a children’s birthday party can sometimes feel like you’re planning a royal wedding. Add additional cultures, languages and not knowing where to find anything, and it can very quickly become a chore rather than a pleasure. Copenhagen has a lot of options to offer kids on their special day, and here are a few ideas to help make the celebration fun for everyone.

Pirates If your little sailor has ordered a pirate party matey, then this be the place for thee! Listen to tall tales told by a pirate in full costume, and then dress up and hunt for Captain Laforcadas’s hidden treasure! The treasure hunt takes the children around the whole museum, while the rest of the party is based in the gun cellar where you can bring your own food and drink.

Orlogsmuseet, Overgaden oven Vandet 58, Cph K; contact or 3318 1433;; available in English

Princesses Look no further if you have a little princess heavily into pink. You can choose to have a tea party at their shop or they can deliver a princess party to your home that includes catering, decorations, goodies bags and an extremely pink princess cake with a chocolate bottom, strawberry mousse and meringue. They also offer a big girl version with Moet Chardon Rosé champagne while you scoff homemade scones with lemon curd or clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, and delicious cakes.

Tea time, Birkegade 3, Cph N;;

Movies Choose a family film from an extensive catalogue of past and present blockbusters. There are also additional activities, including a treasure hunt in a darkened cinema with head lamps, a children’s entertainer (balloons and magic), or a princess party with cakes, hot chocolate and gift bags to take home. It’s possible to order traditional Danish birthday treats as well as popcorn and soda.

Empire Bio, Guldbergsgade 29, Cph N;; ; most movies available in English

Dancers Want to be the coolest parent on the block? Then book a party for your miniature groovers at the recently opened Danseplaneten! Talented dancers – including Simon Glæsel from DR Ramasjang – teach various forms of modern dance to youngsters. There are numerous styles to choose from, be it anything from LA style and hip-hop to break dancing.

Danseplaneten, Tuborg Havnevej  2-6, Hellerup; or 2674 7400;; available in English

Spacemen Party ‘among’ the stars at Denmarks Planetarium, which offers a birthday party package for six to nine-year-olds that includes ‘the little astronaut test’, fun tasks at the space station, a space treasure hunt, goodie bags and a 3D film experience at the Planetarium’s IMAX Cinema. It’s also possible to arrange a special birthday menu at the lovely Restaurant Cassiopeia.

Planetarium, Gl Kongevej 10, Cph V;;

Stuntmen If you have the daunting task of planning a birthday party for a group of older boys this could be your salvation. Actioneater offer stuntman experiences for adults and stuntman birthday party workshops for kids. Parties are specifically tailored to the age of the children, and depending on their age they will learn to do stage fighting and falls, and get some first-hand experience of TV special effects such as having a bottle broken on their head and getting shot, with blood of course. The staff are all qualified stuntmen.

Actioneater, Blegdamsvej 24, Cph N;;; available in English

Animals What kid doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? Copenhagen Zoo offers three different packages for different age groups: Animal detective (4-9 years), Creep & crawl (6-12 years) and Zookeeper (8-14 years). There are treasure hunts, workshops and the chance to feed the animals depending on which package you book. Some of the packages also include a gift for each of the children. Catering is available on request.

Copenhagen Zoo, Roskildevej 32, Frb;, 7220 0200;

Ponies Frederiksen Isheste riding school offers pony parties. Contact the very friendly staff to discuss ages and abilities. The party last for around two hours and includes cake and drinks.

Frederiksen Isheste, Kalvebod fælled, Kanalvej 2, Kastrup;;

Invitations With Optimalprint you can create your own birthday party invitations for one to 12-year-olds. Customise your own card, adding your child’s name, photos and party details.

Decorations Magiske Minder is a newly-opened online store selling children’s party decorations, tablewear, gift bags, personalised bunting with your child’s name on it. All the popular themes are covered including dinosaurs, princesses, football, pirates, safaris and fairies – packages are available for eight, 16 or 24 people.

Entertainers If you are looking for an entertainer for your party then try this website for an online directory of children’s entertainers in Denmark, be it clowns, animal balloon makers, face painters, magicians, signers or puppeteers.


Sarah Andersen is an English mother of two who has lived in Copenhagen for three years. As well as running the Copenhagen International Parents Meetup group, Sarah also runs, an online resource for mums, or expectant mums, who are relocating to or living in Copenhagen.