Royal Theatre layoffs finalised

A total of 81 positions lost, down from the previous estimate of 100

The cost-cutting measures at the Royal Theatre, projected to result in the loss of 100 jobs, has now been finalised. As a result, a total of 81 positions have been eliminated.

The Royal Theatre announced that the cutbacks include 33 artistic positions: 16 in the opera choir, two opera soloists, one rehearser, 11 dancers, and three actors. Additionally, 18 stage technicians and 30 administrative positions, include five leadership positions, were cut.

In a press release, the Royal Theatre said that it had worked for to limit the total number of layoffs by negotiating deals for some workers to leave their jobs voluntarily.

About a third of the cutbacks are happening through contracts not being renewed, planned retirements and the removal of certain positions. The rest have been done through 42 voluntary agreements to leave and 12 layoffs.

According to the Royal Theatre, it has offered support to those affected in the form of psychological aid and job counselling.