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The old, used and organic come in small sizes.

Second-Hand Til De Mindste: Genbrugsbutikken Miau-Miau In this second-hand children’s clothing store, parents can both buy and sell their kids’ outfits in size 50 and up. Prices range from 5kr to 200kr for brands for kids like Molo, Katvig, Bonpoint, Ralph Lauren, Name it and Burberry.

Skt. Hans Gade 21, 2200 Cph N; Open Mon-Fri 11:00-17:00, Sat 11:00-14:00; Tel: 2178 2238

Cirkelines Æske: Godt genbrug til børn Also a second-hand shop, Cirkelines Æske sells used clothes and toys for ages 0 to 12 years. The prices are very reasonable, with dresses starting at 10kr and shoes for 20kr, and any money left after the shop clears expenses is donated to the homeless.

Blågårdsgade 31C, 2200 Cph N; Open Tue-Fri 13:00-17:00, Sat 11:00-14:00; Tel: 3064 7017;

Vintage Kids Copenhagen This unique shop dedicated to vintage children’s clothing offers a world of colours, patterns and nostalgia. The clothing is sourced from around northern Europe and has lasted the last 40-60 years by virtue of some clever and durable craftsmanship. The shop also offers a selection of new, handmade clothes and accessories for babies and children, primarily made with a retro aesthetic and emphasis on handicraft.

Enghave Plads 17, 1670 Cph V; Open Mon-Tue, Thu 11:00-17:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-15:00; 2757 6440;

DinBaqbuska The wide comfortable pants and old-timey prints of Aarhus-based brand Krutter are sold here, as well as Minymo, MOLO, PopUpShop and HUMMEL. Toys include organic cotton teddy bears, Bobles foam animals, Djeco toy cars and Sophie giraffes made of natural rubber for good chewing.

Egilsgade 10 cellar, Cph S; Open Mon-Fri 11:00-17:30, Sat 10:00-14:00; Tel: 3254 5551;

Purebaby Purebaby stocks entirely organic clothing for babies and children at two boutiques in the city, as well as online. Organic tends to mean expensive, but while the silk jumpers will set you back 700kr, the company offers regular sales online and in store. A sweet grey one-piece made of organic cotton with a star print and purple trim is currently on sale for 139.50kr. The tiny red rubber boots for 299kr are adorable and pretty hard to pass up.

Willemoesgade 4, 2100 Cph Ø; Open Mon-Thu 10:00-17:30, Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-15:00; 3555 1162;

Falkoner Allé 39, 2000 Frederiksberg; Open Mon-Thu 10:00-17:30, Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-15:00; Tel: 3555 1161;