For the glory of Rome … sorry Indianapolis

XLVI. The Roman numerals convey it to be 46. Yet whilst the glory of Rome has faded into the tomes and lore of history, there are remnants of the former empire that continue to pay homage to the maxim of strength, honour and magnificence. They do battle in modern day colosseums surrounded by ravenous and unrelenting crowds. Although they wield not sword, mace nor spear, they do bear armour and their weapons are their muscled frames. The roar of the crowd pumps like a heartbeat at the sharp crack of helmet-to-helmet tackles. It’s big hits, bigger plays, one-handed catches and jukes for another ten. It’s Namath with his finger in the air, Elway flying 360, Montana going 92 yards, Dyson needing one yard, Bettis bussin’ through, Lewis crunching someone, Vinatieri sealing the deal. Oh yes, indeed. They are the contemporary gladiators and aspire only to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy triumphantly into the air in the name of victory. Warriors unite! It’s Super Bowl time baby! (And yes, I have been watching a bit too much Spartacus lately.)

On Sunday February 5, the 46th Super Bowl will kick off in Indianapolis featuring the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. It promises to be a classic and one worth seeing in company, so here’s a selection of the top venues showing the game.  

The Big Guns:

Brøndby Stadion

Brøndby Stadium’s Michael Laudrup Lounge has two immense bars, 24 x 42 inch flat screens, five monster screens and numerous skyboxes. Attending are the Elming brothers, famous for their contribution to the rise of NFL in Denmark, who will lead the way with a quiz including some excellent prizes. The event features a massive Super Bowl buffet, which includes spareribs, hotwings, coleslaw, onion rings, chocolate brownies and ice cold Budweisers. Anyone who buys a ticket to the gig will be able to hop on a 25kr shuttle bus back to the city centre after the game is finished. Football, food galore, beer and even some pole dancing, now THAT is the American dream.

Michael Laudrup VIP Lounge, Brøndby Stadion 30, 2605 Brøndby; starts 19:00; 595kr, 4363 1964


This event has some local gridiron flair to it as it is co-hosted by the Copenhagen Towers football team. The buffet includes spare ribs, hotdogs and corn on the cob, along with unlimited pints and soft drinks, which could make the 450kr price a steal depending on how much you can put away in one night of football. In addition to this, there will be quizzes, other competitions, lotteries and a 360 degree HD experience with big screens and projectors littering the establishment.

Lions and Barrels, Øster Allé 50, 2100 Cph Ø; starts 20:00; 450kr, 6996 0040

Imperial Cinema

Not only will Imperial Cinema  be showing the game on a massive cinema screen, as one would expect, but they have managed to incorporate an interesting food option to boot. Starting at 21:00, they will be serving sultry American Style burgers with fries from Jensens Bøfhus. A Heineken (not sure about the aesthetics of that beer choice, but it works) or soft drink will be served to wash down the tasty meal. Cinemaxx theatres also have a similar gig, but their meal will consist of Burger King and Budweisers, with nachos and popcorn available all night long.

Ved Vesterport 4, 1612 Cph K; starts 21:00; 199kr, 7013 1211

Worth your consideration:

Frederiksberg Hallen

Frederiksberg Hallen plays host to another fine looking Super Bowl event that is showing the game on a big screen with the usual winning combination of spare ribs, coleslaw, baked potato and BBQ, combined with cheap prices at the bar all night long. Additionally, there will be a Madden 12 competition with cool prizes, and also the Budweiser Cheerleaders will be performing, much to the approval of the guests, I’m sure.

Jens Jessens Vej 20, 2000 Frederiksberg; starts 19:00; 249kr, 3874 6564

Hard Rock Cafe

For a mere 100kr you get a snack menu and a Budweiser. There will be fun, games, as well as specials on food and drinks. Everyone knows that football and rock and roll always go hand in hand and the Bud Girls will be patrolling the café making sure of that. Groups are able to book here and it’s nice to watch the big game in the city centre if one fancies post-game shenanigans. But hurry up on this one as the first 50 people to book get a free Budweiser football jersey.

Vesterbrogade 3, 1620 Cph K; starts 22:00; 100kr, 3312 4333

SuperBowl XLVI

Various venues in Greater Cph; Tv3+ coverage starts 22:00