Who is … Lisa Lents?

She is a taekwondo athlete, TV presenter, former Miss World contestant and reality television regular.


Where would I have seen her?

Probably on the cover of Danish magazines like Alt for Damerne, Fitness World and M!. In 2008 she represented Denmark in the international beauty pageant Miss World, and since then she’s been a true media darling, participating in every cheesy TV programme offered to her.


Which ones?
I hardly know where to begin. She has been on ‘Høvdingebold’, ‘Guldpigerne’ and ‘Fangerne på Fortet’, to mention a few, and she also participated in the sixth season of ‘Vild med Dans’, the Danish version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, in 2009.


Anything not in Danish?
Yes, she has been a fashion reporter for American E! Entertainment, which is broadcast in the US and South America.


Okay, so in general she’s just another pretty face who wants to be seen?
Actually not. She’s also very active in taekwondo. She started at the age of ten and she remains the youngest woman in Denmark to have achieved the fourth dan in the discipline.  


So has she achieved anything I would have heard about?
Yeah, probably, as she has won 162 medals in total. Her biggest achievements include winning the junior world championship in ‘taekwondo technique’ in South Korea in 2004, and finishing fourth in the senior world championship, again in South Korea, in 2006.


Sounds impressive – is there anything she can’t do?
Well, apparently she can’t dance. She had to settle for fourth in ‘Vild med Dans’.


What are her future plans?
Since 2008 she has worked as an elite and talent trainer in taekwondo, and also as a judge, and she’s currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in TV and media co-ordinating. And don’t forget that she’s the woman behind the ‘Miss & Mister of Denmark’ organisation and also the organiser of several pageants.


Any juicy details about her love life?
She dated the English singer Craig David for a period, but it didn’t last long.