Who is … L.O.C?

He is a Danish rapper and judge on the TV2 music programme ‘Voice’.


How would I recognise him?
If you’ve ever seen the show, you’ll probably remember him as the cool, ever so smug one who always knows immediately if a contestant is good enough for him.


Oh yeah, but didn’t that show just end?
Yes and the smug one actually ended up winning it with the artist he had coached, Kim Wagner. It has to be mentioned, though, that Wagner was already pretty much a professional singer, so I don’t know how much credit L.O.C can actually take for the achievement.


Well, good for him. But is he at least a talented musician?
I don’t know about that. He’s a rapper, so it’s not like he plays an instrument or anything. But apparently he got lucky this time around.


So what’s so special about him?
In the beginning he was just another performer rapping about alcohol, drugs and sex. But he has slowly and steadily built up great popularity, both in the media and amongst fans, so much so that he is often referred to as the king of Danish hip-hop.


What does L.O.C stand for?
Well, his real name is Liam O’Connor, so that’s why, but we’re not sure he would have chosen his initials as a stage name had his first name been Ciaran.


No, that would have been inappropriate. Is he a Dane?
You might think he’s from these parts … until he opens his mouth and you see his teeth. They’re small and pearly, and ever so slightly wolfhoundish.


So he’s Irish?
Actually he’s half Irish. His dad Dermot O’Connor is an Irish truck driver – we’re not sure whether that’s how he met his mother. Unlikely as she works in a bookstore, not a roadside café.


Anything else?
Well, he has dated Christiane Schaumbourg-Müller. Equally smug, you would think they were the perfect match, but they cancelled their wedding in 2009 – apparently because both they were too busy. Given his recent success, maybe he should pick his next squeeze based on the sound of her voice.