Kids Corner | Maternity leave in Copenhagen

This month marks my little family’s official three-year anniversary of relocating to Denmark. It also marks the end of my three-year maternity leave. When it comes to Copenhagen by pram, I’ve been there, with both a single and twin buggy. So here’s my top 10 Copenhagen new arrival/maternity leave tips.


The translation of jordemoderhuset is midwife house. This is a wonderfully friendly and homely private clinic that offers pretty much all the services a pregnant woman or new mother could ask for. Offering antenatal consultations, home births, pregnancy yoga, mum and baby classes and acupuncture, all of their services are available in English and are based right in the heart of Copenhagen.


Empire Bio
Babybio is a weekly screening at the Empire Bio cinema that offers showings of films for parents with young babies. The lights are left up and the sound is kept low. You can comfortably breastfeed and no-one will give you a second glance if you or your small companion are making noise. If your little one is napping, you can leave them in their pram in the hall way outside your screening where they will be monitored at all times by a member of staff. In true Danish fashion you will be given a number, and if your baby wakes the member of staff will come into the auditorium and shout your number.


Laundromat Café
With an advertising strapline that says “Go ahead and breastfeed, we like both babies and boobs,” you can probably tell this is a favourite amongst mums on maternity leave. With cafes in Østerbro, Nørrebro and Frederiksberg it’s a great place to meet up with other mums for a coffee, chat and lunch. All the essential facilities are on hand including a changing table and play area.


CPH International Parents Meetup
This meetup group brings together mums and dads from all around the world who have made Copenhagen their home.  If you have just relocated here with your family or have lived in Copenhagen for some time and now have a little one on the way, the CIP Meetup can help you find friends and support. The group is free to join and hosts a weekly mothers group as well as activities around the city for your little explorers. The group is run by the members and anyone can get involved.


Pushy Mums
Meet up with other mums and get a spot of exercise while the little one sleeps in the fresh air. Pushy mums are exercise classes just for mums with prams and take place in the parks and outdoor areas of Copenhagen. The idea was imported from the UK by a Danish mother and trainer. The focus is on having fun and rebuilding fitness after pregnancy. Everyone can participate – regardless of fitness.


Baby Signing
Started by a Swedish mother married to a Dane who has lived in the UK, Denmark and Mexico, these classes take into account communication issues in a bilingual home. Baby Sign Language gives your baby the opportunity to communicate with the outside world before they learn to speak. The classes include sensory stimulation, play and music. Classes are available in English on request.


Tilbuds Ugen
Fed up of looking through a million Danish supermarket brochures to find the best deal on nappies or baby wipes? Sign up to, a Danish price comparison website that will send you a weekly email with top deals for the products of your choice.


LINK Kids Corner
The Ladies International Network København provides a social network for English-speaking expats. The Kids Corner activities include three different weekly playgroups for different ages: Bumps and Babies, Mums and Tots, and Music and Movement. Visit their website for more info on how to become a member and what each of the groups offer.


New arrival on the way? Then this is a useful store to know about. ØnskeBørn have a number of stores nationwide and sell everything from cots to prams.


This store sells stylish, inexpensive and basic maternity wear. With a product range that includes dresses, jeans, tops, changing bags and nursing bras, it’s well worth a visit, especially if you’ve already worked your way through most of the H&M range and are looking for something new.


This section was contributed by Sarah Andersen, an English mother of two who has lived in Copenhagen for three years. As well as running the Copenhagen International Parents Meetup group, Sarah also runs, an online resource for mums, or expectant mums, who are relocating to or living in Copenhagen.