A journey through the labyrinth of the senses

March 30th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

It is difficult to have any idea what to expect as you step into Enrique Vargas’s ‘Orakler’ at Republique theatre.  Little do you know, you are about to embark upon possibly one of the most memorable journeys you will ever experience.


The labyrinth is a performance installment by Spanish theater troupe Teatro de los Sentidos (Theatre of the Senses).  And, just as the name suggests, a person who enters the labyrinth experiences his journey with all five senses. Along the way, he interacts with various cast members in beautiful and intricately-crafted spaces.  


In the first space, you speak with a kind man who relieves you of your shoes. As you continue through the labyrinth, you understand why. Under your bare feet you can feel leaves, dirt, grain, sand, wood. Your other senses are engaged as well. The smell of spices from far off lands, flickering light from a candle, the tinkle of wind chimes, a warm gulp of tea – in the labyrinth, your senses are on fire.


The experience is based heavily on trust. The actors move slowly and deliberately.  They are not afraid to touch you, hug you, caress you, even arm wrestle with you. Much of your journey is in total darkness, and you wander alone. The labyrinth makes you vulnerable. The journey is highly personal and incredibly beautiful. 


Vargas has created a magical world into which you are permitted to wander for a short while. Then you begin to feel a chill. There is a door before you. Your shoes sit neatly beside it. You slip them on, exiting through the door and into the outside world feeling as if it was all a dream.


It is no wonder that ‘Orakler’ is already sold out of tickets.  The experience is truly unlike any other.  It would be worth harassing Republique about any cancellations or newly available tickets. The journey is simply stunning and utterly priceless.




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