Deliciously intriguing

Tickets are selling fast for this weekend’s three performances of Dance Delicious, a new performance dance concept that started in 2010 and endeavours to push the genre’s barriers further than ever before. 

While nobody knows what they will see – it’s a closely guarded secret – everyone knows it will be of the highest quality. That’s what audiences have learnt to expect from the choreographer Tim Rushton.


Rushton, originally from Birmingham in the UK where he was born in 1963, danced for a variety of northern European ballet companies until the mid 1990s, ending up at the Royal Danish Ballet. It was here that he decided to quit dancing and try his hand at choreography. 


Rushton quickly developed a reputation for producing modern dance pieces with obvious classical influences at a number of theatres – including the Royal Danish Ballet, Dansescenen, Ballet School of the Royal Danish Theatre and MBT Danseteater, Musikhuset Aarhus – and it was no surprise when he was in 2001 appointed artistic director of the Danish Dance Theatre. 


Since then, the theatre has gone from strength to strength, winning awards and acclaim the world over, from Europe to North America, and from Australia to Asia Pacific. 


Above all, Rushton is a choreographer whose aim is to communicate human emotion. His contemporary style is, according to the theatre’s website, “emotionally-led, reflecting the nuances of human relationships’, and he often mixes live music, lightning and design features to achieve this end.


For this year’s edition, Rushton has assembled some of the world’s most talented and prominent dance choreographers: Adi Amit, Ana Sendas Pereira, Fabio Liberti, Stefanos Bizas, Stina Malmgren, and last but not least, Alessandro Pereira. 


Even the acclaimed choreographer Pereira admits that he did not have a concrete idea about what he was going to produce for the show until last week, when he suddenly got inspired after working with some of the dancers.


Each choreographer will work with top professional Danish dancers, and together they will construct a dance theme, which they will only reveal a few minutes before the actual performance starts. At the end of the show, the audience will get the chance to ask questions about the performance directly to the choreographers and the dancers.


Rushton says that the primary role of a performance like this is to “strengthen the dancers’ possibilities to express themselves artistically” while “the performance will – at the same time – connote a true ‘unpolished’ message that will surface without obscuring effects such as costumes, scenography, and advanced light settings.” The entire performance, which consists of three solos, two trios, and one quartet, is approximately 60 minutes long. 


Tickets are selling out quick so it is strongly advised that you book immediately.


Dance Delicious 

Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, 1799 Cph V;

Ends Sat, performances Fri 17:00, Sat 17:00 & 20:00;

Tickets: 55-85kr,  concessions available,, 3329 1029;

Duration: 60 minutes;