Jeff’s got a job

All’s well that ends well for American prepared to pay 10,000 kroner to find a job

Jeffrey Hunter, the American who two weeks ago said he was prepared to pay 10,000 kroner to anyone who helped him find employment, on Friday confirmed he had found the kind of job needed to qualify for indefinite residency in this country. Without a job, Hunter faced deportation on May 1.

A two-word entry on his personal Facebook page at 14:22 was all his legion of followers needed to read to know he had been successful. It simply read: “Hired mother**kahhhh!!!!!”

However, the colourful episode has not ended as many might presume. There will be no finder’s fee because Hunter found this job all on his own. Indeed, it was the result of an interview he had before he set up the Facebook page, which has attracted 145 likes since its launch earlier this month.

“I haven’t had time to share the news on my Facebook page,” confirmed Hunter. “But here’s the thing, this was a job I applied for a long time ago.”

Hunter, who is saving the details of his new job for the official announcement on his Facebook page, said he wasn’t sure whether his future employer knows about his Facebook campaign.