Deli’s fresh and fab food will make your belly dance

Calling your burger ‘gourmet’ does not justify you charging 130 kroner for it. Or at least not now Kødbyens Deli, a takeaway restaurant in the Meatpacking District, have started charging half that price for their deluxe and hearty take on the world’s favourite sandwich. And before you ask if this is a gimmick, that amazing value for money stretches across their entire menu, and the quality doesn’t dip on a single item. 


When you walk into Kødbyens Deli, you’re not hit with the instant feeling that it serves impressively high-quality food, but they do. Opened in May 2011 by two professional chef friends, Emil and Frederik, this simplistic, spick and span deli – with basic décor and a couple of cosy corners with colourful cushions and a large chalkboard adorned with their menu and daily specials – prides itself on the freshness of its ingredients, and by freshness they mean “no freezer”, says Emil. Every single day, Kødbyens Deli gets a new supply of fresh meat, fish and spices, which explains the fine quality of the food they prepare. One can definitely always taste the difference when the ingredients used in a dish are fresh. 


Kødbyens Deli claims that its speciality is its Fish ‘n’ Chips. Quite simply, say Emil and Frederik, it is “the best”. The batter is crunchy and tasty, and the cod fish comes off in chunky layers and has the right amount of chew to it, proving its freshness. The hearty wedges are golden brown (cooked to a Danish taste, of course), tasty, crisp on the outside, and soft and smooth on the inside. 


The Fish ‘n’ Chips comes in two options: for the men (Herre modellen), the fish comes with wedges and a good ol’ rich tartar sauce, while the women (Dame modellen) get their fish with a side serving of greens paired with tartar sauce – all for a worthy 60 kroner. Or opt for the Chick ‘n’ Chips instead, which also comes with men’s or women’s menu options. 


At The Copenhagen Post, we had the privilege of tasting a few of the dishes for lunch, and all of us agreed that it was pretty fantastic food for a takeaway place. Also, it didn’t go un-noticed that their dishes came in generous portions. 


A chicken breast is usually a tricky piece of meat to cook as it can easily dry out, but it was succulent and tender in their chicken sandwiches, while the salmon was chunky and flaky (in a good way) in their salmon sandwiches. The sandwich breads they use are home-made and look heavy, but they turned out to be light and soft – perfect for a filling, yet not too heavy for lunch. Or even for the weight-conscious. 


Worthy of a taste too is their dish of the day – we were pleasantly surprised with a tomato-based fish stew with aubergines, potatoes, and caramelised onion. The use of tomatoes in stew can be a tricky one as tomato pastes have a sharp and sour taste and need to be cooked till they’re almost burnt before they release their sweetness – Kødbyens Deli’s was cooked to perfection. Thankfully, much attention was given to the fish. They made sure the fish wasn’t swimming in the stew in tiny, unidentifiable pieces. Instead, fresh, white and large fillets of codfish were placed on top of the stew. The stew had a soft and delicate taste that made you want to snuggle up in bed in this cold climate and feast on it – which is also so perfect that they are a takeaway deli! 


For those who enjoy Danish cuisine, using codfish, they serve fiskedeller (fish meatballs) made of codfish that that come with freshly-baked rye bread accompanied by a crunchy salad and home-made remoulade. Or you’re free to buy just one fiskedelle to go. They also offer a selection of tapas, salads accompanied by a choice of smoked salmon or juicy chicken, and even dessert. Kødbyens Deli also caters for companies who want regular lunches or are organising special occasions. Though it may be a new restaurant, it’s a deli not to be underestimated.


Kødbyens Deli 

Slagterbøderne 8, 1711 Cph V;

Open: Mon-Thu 11:00-20:00, Fri 11:00-21:00, Sat 12:00-21:00, Closed Sun; 3386 1586

Cuisine: Takeaway classics

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Price Range: Most mains 60-70kr