Groovy movies all month

From April 12-29, many of Copenhagen’s cinemas will, for your viewing pleasure, be taking part in a city-wide programme devised by Denmark’s largest feature film festival, CPH:PIX. It is fast becoming recognised as one of the youngest, most exciting festivals on the European circuit. 


Originally conceived four years ago through the merger of the NatFilm Festival and Copenhagen International Film Festival as a movie counterpoint to the better known, documentary-orientated CPH:DOX, the young festival is a showcase for strong vision and original voices. 


The festival centres greatly on new and upcoming filmmakers with a special ‘New Talent’ award for debutants. This carries a considerable cash prize to help with the filmmaker’s next film. 


While dedicated to promoting new talent, CPH:PIX also screens new films from cinema’s greats (see the Maestro section) alongside classics that need to be seen as they were originally intended: on the big screen. There are also live music events, quiz nights and much more. 


Whatever your cinematic persuasion, there is an unforgettable experience waiting: for the filmmaker and the film lover.  


Remember that all productions listed here are in spoken English – there are also many others that are subtitled in English. Check the listings before buying your tickets. 

Here’s a sample of the festival’s themes with random examples of their films – be sure to pick up a festival guide or look online for a complete list. 


Seriously Funny 

This theme contains a selection of old and new films that demonstrate how comedy is not simply a laughing matter.

The Lenny Bruce Performance Film  – This 1967 documentary features extremely rare footage of the penultimate stand-up session from the controversial American legend. 

Dir: John Magnuson; Husets Biograf, April 28, 19:30


PIX Specials 

This theme include special screenings, some of which are exclusive. There are films from veterans such as Steven Soderbergh and Michael Winterbottom alongside newcomers.

Iron Sky – The much talked about finnish ‘budget blockbuster’ which kicks off the public part of the festival. It features Nazis hiding on the moon, before returning to invade Earth in 2018. And Udo Kier. What more could you want? 

Dir: Timo Vuorensola; Palads; April 11, 21:30; price 95kr


Weekend – Made on a shoestring, this film was a celebrated success in the UK. British audiences have responded warmly to this story of a young man whose one night stand becomes something more memorable. 

Dir: Andrew Haigh; Empire Bio, April 13, 20:00 


Lo-Fi Sci-Fi 

This theme offers a selection of sci-fi movies with brains bigger than their budgets. 

Beyond The Black Rainbow –  A love it or hate it slice of retro-future psychedelia. Set in a Kubrickian psychiatric ward, the film is visually gorgeous. 

Dir: Panos Cosmatos; Dagmar, April 16, 19:00, April 20, 19:00, April 26, 16:30  


On Location 

This theme is one of the most popular and inventive of the categories. Films old and new are screened outside of the cinema, in a more appropriate setting. In a previous PIX, the zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead, screened in Fisketorvet shopping arcade (a shopping centre features heavily in the film itself), was so popular that several extra screenings had to be organised. 

Night Of The Living Dead  – The 1968 zombie flick that started them all. Atmospheric and intense, the film’s black and white photography underscores some satirical drama set inside a countryside house surrounded by the shuffling undead hordes. Take a bus to the country … and avoid the locals.  

Dir: George Romero; DGI-byen, April 21, 20:00; tickets 150kr; also Vig Station at 21:30, Free Adm 


The Tunnel – A new documentary-style horror film (after Blair Witch and REC) about an australian TV crew that become trapped in an underground labyrinth while chasing a news story. They get a story, but will any of them will survive to tell it? 

Dir: Carlo Ledesma; meet at the Elephants, Carlsbergvej; April 23: 17:30, free adm, also 21:30, 150kr



This theme bring you new films from old masters. With names like Francis Ford Coppola, Guy Maddin, Abel Ferrara and Terence Davies, be sure to take a look. 

Twixt (3D) – The latest offering from the legendary director of Apocalypse Now and The Godfather trilogy. Val Kilmer stars as a horror novelist in what appears to be a gothic horror in the tradition of Stephen King.

Dir: Francis Ford Coppola; Imperial, April 17, 21:30, Imperial, Palads, April 25,19:00; tickets 110kr


American Indies 

This theme will showcase a selection of recent offerings by cinema rebels from across the pond. 

Take Shelter – A sort of modern day Noah (played by the brilliant Michael Shannon) takes action, believing he is living in the end times and the apocalypse is imminent. He may be right. 

Dir: Jeff Nichols; Cinemateket, April 15, 14:45 & April 26, 21:45



Various cinemas all over Greater Cph;

Starts Thursday April 12, ends April 29;

Tickets: 80kr unless stated;