How a foreign minister spent his vacation in the land of the French

Have you ever seen any of National Lampoon’s Vacation films? Because at first glance, this looks like the kind of gig Clark Griswold might have stumbled into. In the role of Clark is the Macedonian foreign minister Nikola Poposki, 34, who on his recent visit to the city addressed Francophone Day at the University of Copenhagen. But then a longer glance, this time at Poposki’s CV, clears matters up: he is a former ambassador to the EU who has spent much of his career working in France.

Among the ambassadors in attendance were Belgian ambassador Jean-François Branders, Bulgarian ambassador Ivan Dimitrov, Slovenian ambassador Bogdan Benko,Georgian ambassador Nikoloz Rtveliashvili, Macedonian ambassador Asaf Ademi, Ivory Coast’s ambassador Ly Djerou Robert, Poposki, Swiss ambassador Viktor Christen,Moroccan ambassador Raja Ghannam , Albanian ambassador Arben Cici, French ambassador Bérengère Quincy, Canadian ambassador Peter Lundy, and Greek ambassador Dimitrios Kontoumas.


Poposki was the star speaker at ‘Le Danmark et Le Monde Francophone’

Among those in attendance were Simone Ochsner Goldschmidt from

Schweiz Univ Basel and Marie Godet from Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Also present was the French-Danish author Pia Pedetsen

Cyprus and Canada fight it out at the reception after the addresses

And further down the table, Canada faces some tough opposition from

Georgia, which has perhaps wisely gone for beer over the predictable

choice of red wine


It’s easy to forget how close Slovenia is to Italy and the gastronomic

similarities are obvious