Is it April Fool’s? Halloween? No, just an open casket viewing on the street

Undertaker’s off-premises service for bereaved relatives causes offence to baffled city resident

Bente Kierbye Jensen, a 58-year-old resident in the city district of Østerbro, could not believe her eyes when she looked out of her apartment window on Sunday, reports Politiken newspaper. Right below her was a coffin, complete with a corpse – Jensen’s first instinct was that a movie shoot was going on, but this scene wasn’t fictional.

“An old lady, dressed in a bathrobe, was just lying there,” she told Politiken. “Her mouth was open and she had purple feet. Good thing no children saw it. It’s quite unprofessional on the undertaker’s behalf.”

Once it became clear that the corpse wasn’t going to be zombified or kissed by Prince Charming, Jensen caught sight of an undertaker and yelled at him to cover the body up. However, he refused, explaining that he was on a stopover waiting for the deceased woman’s relatives to say their goodbyes … in the street.

Ten minutes passed before the undertaker’s colleague emerged from the house with the relatives.

Christina Gauguin, the owner of the offending undertakers, Elholm Begravelse, conceded that it was a regrettable incident.

“We try to the fullest extent possible to fulfil the family’s wishes, but we will take note that somebody was offended,” she said. “We are going to have to learn from that: it was never our intention to make anybody upset.”