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April 21st, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

Last week the weather forecast was predicting that for now we would have one more day of sunshine before the heavens would once again open and consign us to indoor activities for the time being. Well, we needed no more incentive than that in order to pack up a picnic and head out to enjoy the beautiful weather with a trip to our local park.

Virum Bike Park has always been an all-weather destination for me: on days when it feels as though we are living not in Denmark, but inside a cloud, I have been found huddled under blankets sipping rain-diluted coffee from a thermos; on those glorious early days of spring, the blanket still wrapped around me as I soak up the heat from the gentle sun sipping from a cup of pure coffee, gratefully untainted this time by rain; and in the warm summer sun with lollies and the fragrant waft of suncream as the children shoot past every so often on the vehicles provided by the playground.

When their short legs can peddle no more, there are other facilities to be used: a large wooden climbing frame for the bigger children and a smaller pirate ship for younger children. Again the park provides play equipment for the sand, which acts as a soft landing should it be needed, and there are plenty of spades to go around. Of course grown-ups do also like to sit down, and for that end there are benches throughout the area beckoning you to take a seat and watch safely from a distance. The staff have a kitchen where I have always been able to boil a kettle if needed, and there are clean and well-kept toilets too. Staff are on hand throughout the opening hours and are always very friendly and happy to help.

We also make great use of our local forests at this time of year. With arms full of dry wood, a box of matches and plenty of hot dogs for a midday snack, we will happily spend a few hours pottering amongst the trees. As long as we use one of the allocated fire stations, we are free to set up camp and make ourselves a little barbecue. The children love the challenge of finding the perfect stick for grilling their sausages and pretending to emulate all the survival heroes they admire. On the roaring fire, using freshly-found sticks that are now cooking implements, we grill hot dogs together, sitting on our logs in the middle of the forest, just 20 minutes outside the city centre. In the summer months, the forests teem with wild fruit: one walk that I know provides us with raspberries, cherries and tiny wild strawberries – a veritable smorgasbord.

Make the most of the days when the sun gently warms your back and the children run off some of that surplus winter energy – there really are plenty of brilliant park areas to choose from. Just remember a blanket, a raincoat and a good book.
Contact your local council for a list of all the parks in your area.

Valby Parken – The largest park in Copenhagen and home to an inspirational supervised children’s play area – a must visit. Organically-designed Valby Parken is there to stimulate and develop against a backdrop of a creative play area.

Hammelstrupvej 41, 2450 Cph SV


Bondegården i Remiseparken – A park for animal lovers, take a trip to visit the small animals that call Remiseparken their home. You’ll be able to pet the goats and ride on a horse. The supervisor offer various activities at 1 pm.

Peder Lykkesvej 71-73, 2300 Cph S


Virum Bike Park – Small but perfectly proportioned, Virum Bike Park offers children the opportunity to choose a moon buggy and career off round the road system. Safely fenced off from the street, the park provides a clean, safe environment that is supervised during the week.

Frederiksdalsvej, Virum


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