Sunday garbage service

Garbage Gathering  Spend your Sunday helping out Mother Earth when nature preservation association Danmarks Naturfredningsforening organises a day of some serious spring cleaning. Children have already begun helping as schools and daycares have spent the week collecting garbage, but on Sunday everybody can help out. Here’re a few of the places with organised garbage gathering – on the website you’ll find many more.

All across Denmark; all day Sunday;


Spejderhytten Knuden  The day will be spent with ‘hygge’ in the name of the good cause. Everybody is welcome and no sign up needed.

Voldgaden 21 B, Brøndby; Sun 10:00-13:00; free adm;


Byoasen  In the city centre, the day of garbage collecting includes contests and prizes. Win a Toyota Yaris Hybrid for three months, bring your old clothes and switch with others in the café, and enjoy coffee, squash and bread. 

De Gamles By, Agnes Henningsens Vej 7, Cph N; Sun 13:00-16:00; free adm;