Who is … Ane Cortzen?

She’s a TV host.


What show does she do?

She hosts ‘TV!TV!TV!’ on DR2, a show that analyses TV.


I think I’ve seen her before?

With her pointy, dyed hair, you must be confusing her with either Tintin or Emil Thorup, the TV host on DR Mama who graced this column a few weeks ago. They do look alike, and they were also a couple … for all of one day.


Please tell me you’re joking?

Well yes, it was part of Emil’s show, where he dates different famous Danish women.


Phew, they would have had some weird looking kids.

Yes! Also, she’s in her late 30s and already has three with her hubby.


So what’s her story anyway?

She’s an architect and graphic designer, who only got her breakthrough on TV last year.


So does she know anything about TV then?

She claims she knows a lot – on account of watching it a lot. And she also comes from a journalistic family, so she’s probably learnt some tricks from her parents.


Anyone we might know?

Her dad, Jan Cortzen, was the former editor-in-chief at Børsen newspaper, her mother, Ingeborg Brügger, a journalist at Ekstra Bladet, and her brother is the satirical documentarist Mads Brügger, who you might know from making ‘The Ambassador’.


So is that how she got the job?

I wouldn’t be surprised – particularly given her brother’s contacts with the African mafia.


Is she at least any good?

That’s a question of taste, but she was voted best female host of 2011 by Politken newspaper.


She must be doing something right?

It might just be that many Politken readers are TV snobs and love DR2.  


Is she one herself?

She claims to be the opposite, and she hates political correctness – I guess that’s a given growing up with a mum who works for Denmark’s least PC newspaper.