Who is … Kim Bodnia?

He’s a Danish actor.

What’s he been in?

He’s mostly known for his parts in ‘90s movies like ‘Nattevagten’ (‘Nightwatch’), ‘Pusher’, and ‘Bleeder’. And lately he has been in the Danish/Swedish crime series ‘The Bridge’, which will soon air in the UK as well.


Trying to carry on the Sarah Lund success?

Yes, probably, though the plot is somewhat different, and the young woman at his side is Swedish and doesn’t wear a sweater in any of the episodes.


Who does he play?

He plays a laid-back policeman, Martin Rohde, who can’t stop massaging his groin.


That doesn’t sound very appealing!

Apparently it’s because he’s had a vasectomy. 


Ouch! Has he done anything outside Denmark?

Not really, but he just got a part in a major American movie, ‘Serena’, which is hitting the cinemas in the autumn of 2013. It stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, and is directed by Susanne Bier.


Ohh, so the Danes are sticking together, huh?

Well according to Bier, he and the other Danish actor on the crew, David Dencik, have a certain charisma that fits the movie. They’re “dangerous and unpredictable in an intelligent way”, she told Ekstra Bladet.


Intelligent? Isn’t he quite butch?

He does have a tendency to be typecast in macho roles. He’s always been quite big. It was something he was teased about at school, although maybe that had more to do with him not learning to read until the s

eventh grade.


So he’s typecast for a reason 

He once received an unexpected award in France for his part in ‘Nattevagten’ and said: “The great thing about being an actor is that you can be in your hotel room drinking while you’re working in all the cinemas in town at the same time.”


Working in the cinemas? Was he a part-time usher?

Let’s just say it’s a good thing he usually has lines.