Ryan Adams is born again

One of America’s premier singer-songwriters brings his act to Falconer Salen on Monday

The name Ryan Adams has long been synonymous with drama and controversy. Not to be confused with his near-namesake, Bryan Adams – the dude with that cheesy song from Robin Hood – this Adams has been through it all: from personal to artistic crises, and from feuds with a former record label to a career-threatening ear disorder, Ménière’s disease. With the release of his latest album, Ashes & Fire, he seems to have gone full-circle and taken the final step towards reclaiming his spot as one of the world’s most significant singer-songwriters. His transformation can be witnessed on Monday when he takes the stage at Falconer Salen.


Adams is one of the most acclaimed musical performers of our time. There is no doubt about his talent and ability as a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and writer. His repertoire is as impressive as it is eclectic, as he has collaborated with a remarkable string of artists including Norah Jones, Weezer and the Counting Crows. He has also spent some time in the producer’s chair, working on albums for country icon Willie Nelson and rocker Jesse Malin. A true creative soul, Adams has also dabbled in prose and poetry, having authored a book of poems, Infinity Blues, and a collection of short-stories and poems entitled Hello Sunshine.


The 37-year-old American began his musical career in 1994 with the band Whiskeytown, who managed to release three albums and achieve considerable success before their disbandment in 2000. A North Carolina native, he grew up with country music, and his youthful interest in punk gave Whiskeytown its very own alternative-country expression, which has partly lived on in his solo career, although he eventually acquired the more traditional singer-songwriter vibe that we all know and love.


His debut album as a solo performer − Heartbreaker in 2000 − immediately established him as a force to be reckoned with and was praised by both critics and fans. In the subsequent years, Adams put out one album after another, solidifying his place in the alternative-country genre and securing a loyal fan-base. In 2005, he joined forces with backing band, The Cardinals – a union that would last until 2010.  


Currently touring in support of Ashes & Fire, the record is, as the title suggests, something of a rebirth for Adams, which seems to work well for both fans and critics. Gaffa − Denmark’s biggest music magazine – gave the album five out of six stars.  


Adams is no stranger to Danish audiences. In fact, he visited the country rather recently when he played at the Concert Hall in Aarhus on November 13.  The show still has fans buzzing and Gaffa gave the event six stars, calling the performance “masterful – nothing less”. The concert lasted well over two hours, with an amusing and energetic Adams playing beautifully and telling jokes in between songs. You might want to wear comfortable shoes, just in case his next performance lasts anywhere near the same amount of time. You are also strongly advised to keep any and all photographic or recording devices away from the show – a request made by Adams himself, as he is not keen on having his picture taken during the performance. Based on his past shows in Denmark, his upcoming concert will be nothing short of magical. 


Adams will also guest at DR Concert Hall on June 14. The evening is entitled ‘Ryan Adams – An Acoustic Performance at the Concert Hall’ and should prove to be a first class intimate concert experience.


Ryan Adams

Falconer Salen

Monday 20:00; 302-405kr