Who is … Oddset Janni?

She’s a Danish model and until recently the face of the state bookmaker.

What, Oddset?

Yes, she’s the one who appears in their ‘There’s so much women don’t understand’ commercials in a tight top with a confused expression as she tries to figure out a piece of ‘hugely complicated’ football jargon – just like how most football fans prefer their women, some might say.


Well, she is a sweetie.

Looks can be deceptive! She’s currently on trial for doping and milking an old, sick man dry for millions of kroner, along with two other people whose names have been withheld by the courts.


Oh my God, that’s horrible. Has she been sentenced yet?

Not yet. The verdict is expected at the end of May – she might get three years in prison if the prosecutors get their way.


What are her chances?

She rejects doping and deceiving him. Quite the contrary: she was his voluntary carer. Although she does admit receiving presents worth around 100,000 kroner.


Any chance he just gave her the money?

Apparently he did want some money to go to Kattens Værn (the Cat’s Protection) – a fact that caused quite the outcry among the cat community.


Is there any other evidence?

Let’s just say she’s living up to the ‘blonde’ image of her commercials, as she revealed all to,  of all people, her ex-husband (Bitter? Moi?) about how she and the others on trial tricked the old man to travel to Zürich and open a bank account. He recorded every word.


Surely there’s no way out of that one.

Apparently she claims she was drunk and just trying to annoy her ex-husband.


Come on!

We’ll just have to wait and see how this case turns out. The poor old man died a few weeks after her arrest of natural causes – so maybe what happened in Zürich will stay in Zürich.