Kids Corner | Artistic ways to spend time with your child

Some of the fondest memories I have from my childhood days are those that stem from hours spent being creative with my mother. She must have had endless patience because I can clearly remember that my sister and I were never the neatest of artists, yet I walked away with a love of art that I try hard to instill in my own children. There are plenty of art supply shops in the city – we mostly use Panduro and Søsterne Grene for paints and canvases ( and Then, when we are not busy at home, there are plenty of places to visit in and around Copenhagen to fire up their interests even more.

Creative Space
Creative Space is a ceramic painting workshop we have visited many times since it opened just over a year ago on Gammel Kongevejen in Frederiksberg. Upon entering it can be quite hard deciding which pottery pieces you fancy painting, given the vastness of choice. Once you have chosen, you will be shown to your table and given a box of equipment to use. The equipment box is such a good idea that I have recreated it at home for myself: a wicker box containing a wide selection of paint brushes, sponge applicators and cloths, as well as a paint pallet  – all neatly packed up for your convenience. There is no limit on how much of each colour you can take to paint with, and children are readily encouraged to make their own choices. Once completed you patiently say goodbye to your masterpiece, which first needs to be fired before collection a couple of days later.

Gammel Kongevej 154, 1850 Frederiksberg; open seven days a week;

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk; closed Mondays, under-18s free adm;
Louisiana, the modern art gallery in Humlebaek, has a three-floor children’s art space, with a different theme on each level, including painting, clay modeling and drawing. The staff are on hand to assist any young Picassos and there is an ever-changing subject matter for the children to explore. We always make a visit to the children’s section before a stroll through the rest of the gallery, having learnt from painful experience that paint does not dry instantaneously, nor does it remove itself from car upholstery.

Statens Museum for Kunst
Statens Museum for Kunst in the centre of town is also very committed to introducing children to art and utilises all methods to inspire their young subjects. On the first Sunday of every month, children are welcomed into the museum to participate in various activities; whether they wish to get stuck in or take part in a tour, the staff are fully focused on encouraging them to do so. The museum’s website provides a comprehensive guide to the children’s activities and a preview of activities coming up, so make sure to check back regularly.

Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 Cph K; closed Mondays, under-18s free adm;

In a few short weeks the summer holidays will once again begin and we will all be searching for activities to stimulate, inspire and likewise tire our children. Galleries will be visited, painting will be done, and the patience will be worth it. Our own project is to finish the canvas Earth painting that we began last July and have worked on each holiday ever since. It is big, bold and full of life – just like the three little boys who painted it!