‘Oddset Janni’ found guilty

May 29th, 2012

This article is more than 12 years old.

Janni Christensen, Danish model and former face of the state bookmaker Danske Spil, was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison

Known for the popular commercial slogan “There’s so much women don’t understand", ‘Oddset Janni’ Christensen, sure didn’t understand the verdict she received in court last week. Christensen, who has repeatedly claimed her innocence, was put on trial for doping and milking dry an old, sick man who has since passed away. She, along with two unnamed co-defendants, was accused of swindling the old man for millions of kroner. Christensen was found guilty on part of the charges.

Christensen and her daughter, Nathalie, were shocked to hear the verdict and fought to restrain their tears, as it became clear that both Christensen and one of the co-defendants, a 64-year old man, were found guilty of usury but acquitted in the matter of doping the old man with pills. Both instantly appealed the court ruling.

The court found that the three people on trial had deceived the old man for 1.5 million kroner and that they also intended to sell his house for at least another two million.

The third person on trial, a 35-year-old woman, was also found guilty of giving the old man prescription medication which wasn’t prescribed to him. But the court didn’t find that that the old man had taken the pills against his will. The woman was sentenced to psychiatric treatment and has requested time for deliberation.

The fact that Christensen’s ex-husband, Kim Holmgaard Christensen, had recorded her talking about swindling the old man didn’t help matters, even though she claimed to be drunk and trying to annoy him at the time the recordings were made.

The recordings entailed a story about how the culprits tricked the old man into going to Zürich to sign bank documents under the pretence that his Thai girlfriend had been hospitalised there. When the party arrived, they told the old man that his girlfriend was at a nun’s hospital, for women only. They returned home, but not before shopping at the airport with the old man’s credit card.

The recordings have started quite the family feud between Christensen, her ex-husband and their two kids, with the daughter on the mother’s side, and the son on the father’s side. Her outraged son allegedly threw a drink in her face at former tennis player Frederik Fetterlein’s book release-party. Last December, Christensen’s ex sued her for libel on account of her negative statements about him in the media.

Before round two of the trial begins, Christensen will be spending time in Gabon, in Central Africa, with her boyfriend, Christian Abrahamsen, who lives and works there.


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