Inside this week | Getting soaked in Distortion’s trenches

Here comes Distortion, and it’s raining. What a shame. It was only this time last week that the weather was so nice, like one of those long, lost weekends before the Great War.

Not that I’m comparing Distortion to the First World War. Sure, the word bomb-site does spring to mind. And there will be no doubts in anyone’s mind that this is the only event of note currently taking place. And both involved people going over the top. But it really is a loose comparison.

Beyond that, there’s not much going on. Euro 2012 is still a whole week away from kicking off. So, if you don’t like tennis, you’re rather stuck, indoors watching the rain.

You could take a photograph. Hark! There’s an idea. Of a grimy city vista accentuated by the downpour. Even better: a photo of revellers getting soaked outside while you get high on your supply of July reading material.

For photography fans this week, we’ve got not just one but three features on the subject.

First off is a preview of an exhibition of the work of Lee Miller, the US female icon, who was famously snapped taking a saucy paddle in Adolf Hitler’s bath shortly after Germany’s surrender in 1945.

And then we’ve got a preview of this city’s photography festival, which is bigger and better than ever – all eleven days of it – plus a guide to all the professional photography services out there, which will immortalise your special moments forever.

Even if they did involve you getting soaked to the skin at Distortion.