Kids Corner | Treating their tastebuds

Every year at the start of the long summer holiday, I request the same task of my children: that they write or draw a list of all the things they hope to do together whilst not at school. Of course, the usual requests for the zoo, the safari park and fishing for crabs during long days at the seaside are included, and those we do. I don’t think it hurts every now and then to allow them to indulge their tastebuds too, and I am always amused by the many gastronomical treats that make the list. I am one very willing chaperone.

Maybe we should make a start on our lists.

Paradis You will probably already be very familiar with Paradis, an ice cream shop that specialises in fresh Italian ice cream. The first Paradis shop was opened in 2000 by Thor Thorøe in Aarhus, following his return home from a period working in a gelateria in Rome. Using the Italian ethos of a daily production using fresh natural ingredients, each Paradis shop has an ice cream manufacturer working tirelessly in the production room behind the store to produce as much fabulous ice cream as is needed every day. My elder boys are divided between creamy and fruity: one always chooses the sublime pistachio alongside another chocolatey flavour, while the other always has fruit sorbets – most typically peach and blueberry scoops. The little one can have anything that won’t stain the front of his clothes!

Many Cph locations;

Somonds Bolcher When the weather dictates something warmer than frozen treats we love to visit Somonds Bolcher where one can stand and watch as fifth-generation master craftsmen use century-old techniques to hand-make traditional sugar sweets. Tucked away just two minutes walk from Norreport station is where you can find the door to a sugar-coated past and it is well worth a trip. From the viewing gallery you can watch as molten sugar is crafted into spectacular confectionary before visiting the shop to have your selection weighed out on old-fashioned scales. We are always mesmerised when we visit and I believe it’s a real must-see here in Copenhagen.

Nørregade 24 & 36; open Mon-Thu 09:15-17:30, Fri 09:15-18:00, Sat 10:00-14:30, closed Sun;

Vejborggaard fruit farm Of course, not every treat has to involve sugar. Take trips to The Halifax burger bar (, drink smoothies at 42 Raw ( and try brunch at Granola (Værndemsvej 4, Cph V, open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:30, Sat 09:00-16:00). Or how about getting back to nature with a visit to a pick-your-own farm, our ultimate favourite being Vejborggaard, 30 minutes north of the city. Spend time picking fresh strawberries and other seasonal fruits at your own pace, surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is pure pleasure on a warm 

summer’s day to let the children go free, collecting red jewels as they wander off in search of the ‘perfect’ strawberry. Mind-blowingly delicious on their own or indeed crafted into some homemade ice lollies, I too am eagerly looking forward to our first visit this month.


Roskildevej 203, Freerslv 3330 Gorlose;

This section was contributed by Sally McWilliam, who has lived in Copenhagen for four years with her family. During this time, she has established a website,, in which describes many of the wonderful places to visit within the region. Sally is also a co-founder and author of the new English blog for Aarstiderne,