Select Shopping | Ballsy Badstuestræde

Whether you’re in need of new tattoos, new clothes or cheap condoms, take a walk down this street right off Strøget to find exactly what you need.


If you’ve always wanted to see your doodles printed on a T-shirt, head over to Roots, where you can have custom shirts printed for you. In addition to helping you get your designs plastered across someone’s chest, the store also supports local street artists, who design the majority of the designs for sale. If your wardrobe is full but your walls are bare, fear not, because all of the art hanging in the store is also for sale.

Badstuestræde 16, Cph K; open Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 13:00-16:00; 2783 7383;

Denmark’s largest selection of condoms is hidden in this underground store. You can choose between about 70 different kinds, and if you find yourself overwhelmed by the variety, the glow in the dark condom is a bestseller. After the sheer number of options available, Condomeri’s next best feature is its affordability – the cheapest condoms cost just one kroner.

Badstuestræde 18, Cph K; open Tue-Fri 13:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-16:00


Enter the Dragon Tattoo
If the constant buzzing of needles doesn’t bother you, Enter the Dragon Tattoo is a great place at which to add to – or begin – your tattoo collection. Four tattoo artists with different specialisations – including cartoons, graffiti, neo-traditional and Japanese tattoos work here – and are ready to decorate your skin whenever you want, as the parlour takes walk-ins.

Badstuestræde 3, Cph K; open daily 11:00-21:00; 3220 1631


White Stuff
At the end of a row of hip-hop clothing stores, this colourful store hidden at the street corner caught my eye. When I walked inside, despite the miserable weather, I felt like I had walked into summer. Just as the shop stood out on the street, I stood out in the store, dressed in head-to-toe black in a place that sells absolutely no black items. If you’re in need of summer clothes, be sure to stop by here and pick a new outfit or two. And if you need to consult your friends before handing over your money, stop by the Magic Mirror, snap a picture, and upload it to Facebook or Twitter or email it to your friends to see if they approve. Children? No problem. Leave them in the in-store cinema where they watch the day’s movie or bring a DVD from home while you shop in peace. Be sure to enjoy the refreshments before leaving!
Kompagnistræde 10, Cph K (at the corner of Badstuestræde); open Mon-Fri 10:30-18:30, Sat 10:00-18:00, first and last Sun every month 11:00-17:00; 3314 8852


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    How internationals can benefit from joining trade unions

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    Internationals in Denmark rarely join a trade union

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