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Lined with a mix of chic boutiques and established brand names, and somewhat sheltered from the tourist hub that is Strøget in the summer, this tiny street is a great place to observe hipsters in their natural surroundings and shop for unique pieces for your closet – no more complaining about not having anything to wear.

Cheap Monday – Need some new denim? Step into Cheap Monday where you’ll be surrounded by jeans in every wash and cut imaginable. And if you find a pair that’s almost perfect, it can be altered on the spot, free of charge! Even if you don’t need more clothes, this shop is worth a visit just for its almost-painfully hip interior. 
Kronprinsensgade 7; open Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-17:00, first Sun 12:00-16:00; 3312 7391;

ASH Flagship Store – If you’re looking for finely-crafted shoes with a modern edge, stop by this shoe-store and don’t leave until you find the perfect pair of boots, heels, sneakers or sandals. Though geared towards trendsetting women, men and kids can also browse the store for unique styles. ASH also carries a wide range of accessories to complement any outfit, including bags and leather jackets.
Kronprinsensgade 9; open Mon-Thu 11:00-18:00, Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-16:00, first and last Sun 10:00-17:00; 3313 3823;;

Hej Hej – This tiny store, which opened last November, has a lot of fashion crammed into its four walls. From shorts to shirts and from dresses to shoes, you won’t find yourself starved for options here. There’s currently a 50 percent sale on all shoes – definitely worth taking advantage of. And check out the accessories, which include some gorgeous jewellery. 
Kronprinsensgade 13; open Mon-Thu 11:00-18:00, Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-17:00; 3313 6677;;

Stig P – The bright pink rain-jacket in the window demanded that I go into this store. Inside, the shop was stocked with classic clothes with a modern twist: things you can wear today without feeling horribly untrendy but that won’t make you cringe in the future. Originally a family-operated menswear retailer, the founders might be shocked by what it carries today – one item that stood out was a daring yellow net bikini that would be see-through if not for tiny polka dots. 
Kronprinsensgade 14; open Mon-Thu 10:00-18:00, Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-17:00; 3314 4216,;