Singer declares war on pop princesses

Faderhuset member releases songs attacking Madonna and Lady Gaga’s moral standards

“Don’t let the mother monster steal your heart,” sings Danish evangelical minister Kristina Djarling in her musical debut, ‘Puppet for the World’s Elite’, which premiered on YouTube last month. If the mother monster references and Gaga’s flashing profile weren’t enough to tip you off, her message is right there in the title: ‘A protest against Lady Gaga’.

“The song is a warning against following the trend of living so hard that you die before your time,” Djarling writes on her Facebook page, explaining that she’s concerned for the youth of today and their exposure to such artists such as Lady Gaga and Madonna, to whom she has dedicated her own video protest, ‘Babylon is Fallen’, which was released last Sunday – the same day that Madonna performed at Parken.

Djarling is a leading member of Faderhuset, an evangelical non-denominational church group, which she says seeks to “fight the moral decay of modern society”. 

“Lady Gaga is the worst role model for young people today,” Djarling said on YouTube.

“She is a puppet for the world’s elite who wants to control every part of people’s lives and she is breaking every existing boundary. People would normally be put in a mental hospital for the kind of behaviour she exhibits in the name of ‘art’.”