Champagne bossa nova in July

‘The Sound of Brazil’ is one of the newest additions to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, replacing last year’s Sound of Africa. As the name suggests, the concerts will bring the music of Brazil to a venue right here in Copenhagen. Brazilian music is the product of a vast range of influences from its colonial era – the 16th to the 19th century – including various African music traditions, European music traditions, Jewish music and Arabic music. Today Brazilian music continues to absorb the characteristics of international music, transforming them into a sound that is distinctly Brazilian. Bossa nova, one of the most popular genres to emerge from Brazilian jazz and an important part of standard jazz repertoires, is a musical style that must be experienced live. This year, the jazz festival gives audiences the opportunity not only to hear bossa nova live but also performed by Brazilian artists – each of whom will be playing their own distinct styles of the genre. With its syncopated two-four time and emphasis on rhythm, the music is also perfect for dancing, so make sure you bring a partner along. Three musicians – Milton Nascimento, Luiz Melodia and Eliane Elias – will be performing their unique interpretations of the theme, playing different instruments that include the guitar and the piano.




Two concerts by Eliane Elias
Brazilian-born piano virtuoso Eliane Elias will be performing two different shows at the festival. Elias has won several awards throughout her career, including ‘Best Foreign Release Award’ in Denmark in 2006 for Shades of Jade.


Light My Fire
‘Light My Fire’ is on Friday evening and will showcase both her latest release and her talent at fusing classical musical traditions with the spontaneity of jazz.
Politikens Hus Vester Voldgade 33, Cph V; Friday July 13, 20:30; ticket: 360kr,

Celebrating Antonio Carlos Jobim
‘Celebrating Antonio Carlos Jobim’ will take place on Saturday evening. Jobim was one of the primary figures behind the creation of the bossa nova genre, and Elias will be playing a selection of his greatest songs, including the popular ‘Girl from Ipanema’.

Politikens Hus Vester Voldgade 33, Cph V; Saturday July 14, 20:30; tickets: 360kr;




Milton Nascimento
Hailed as Brazil’s greatest musician, Milton Nascimento samples Brazilian and African folk music, European classical music and Brazilian bossa nova to create a sound reminiscent of the Beatles. His lyrics cover a wide range of topics, from love to the struggles of the oppressed in Latin America. He has worked with popular musicians including Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) and Sting, and his 1970 release Native Dance is considered one of the most influential jazz releases of that year. Don’t miss this opportunity to see him perform in such an intimate venue. In Brazil his concerts are huge.

Politikens Hus Vester Voldgade 33, Cph V; Friday July 6 & Saturday July 7, 20:30; tickets: 410kr,


Luiz Melodia
Few artists can boast about a career that has spanned four decades – Luiz Melodia is one of the few. The singer-songwriter plays a unique blend of samba, rock, funk and blues, creating a distinctive sound that has won him fans across the world. Since entering the music scene in the 1970s, he has released music sporadically, even entering a period of isolation. He is regarded as one of the best artists within the Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) genre, and he will no doubt have audiences at the festival mesmerised by his performance.

Politikens Hus Vester Voldgade 33, Cph V; Tuesday July 10, 20:30; tickets: 290kr,


The Sound of Brazil
Various venues in Cph V




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