Like a shot of adrenaline, The Vaccines lifted the audience to an all time high

**** (4 out of 6 stars) July 6; Odeon, Roskilde Festival

From the moment British indie rock band the Vaccines took the stage, it was clear that fun was to be had by all. Their attitude and dynamic sound were the perfect gift for fans of punk rock and ‘50s rock 'n roll, as there really aren’t a lot of bands with their particular vibe performing at Roskilde this year.

The Vaccines had the audience’s attention from the very beginning. The first couple of songs were lively and energetic, keeping the crowd happily on their toes. By the third song, the atmosphere evolved from pure punk energy to a more mellow, rather beautiful tempo. The fourth song continued in the same fashion, with lead singer and guitarist, Justin Young performing a cappella, filling the venue with the sheer intensity of his voice.

The band picked up the pace again and the venue resembled a large, alternative, muddy dance floor. The audience clapped to the beats and strutted their stuff, jumping and singing along. It was clear that everyone involved was exactly where they wanted to be, despite all other concert possibilities.

And it only got better, as The Vaccines played their way through their set. The energy level remained strong and steady and their presence alone was enough to pump up the audience. It was beautiful to see such a dynamic band on stage, the members constantly moving, jumping and head-banging, infecting the audience and myself.

Songs like ‘Post Break-up sex’, ‘All in White’, and ‘If You Wanna’ were clear highlights, as the crowd seemed to move and sing more intensely. By the time Young introduced the song entitled ‘Bad Mood’, the venue was popping with fans who seemed to have had forgotten all the rain that had poured down earlier in the day.

The very last song, 'Norgaard', lifted the audience to an all-time high. Perhaps it had something to do with Young's introduction, as he claimed that it was written about a Danish girl. Whatever the reason, the very brief song hit the crowd like a shot of adrenaline. In a blink of an eye, it was all over and the crowd had officially been vaccinated.