Boys find skull in area lake

The opening scene of a good mystery novel unfolds on lake in Lyngby

Two boys fishing in Lyngby Sø just outside of Copenhagen reeled in more than trout over the weekend. 

The young anglers also hooked a human skull.

Police are now trying to determine if there might be a crime related to the macabre catch or if there is some other explanation for the skull turning up in the lake.

“We are keeping every option open,” said deputy commissioner Finn Duris, Nordsjællands Politi. “It could be anything from a pre-historic human sacrifice – something very old – to something relatively new.”

Duris said police were sure that the skull had been in the water for a long time due to the lack of hair or skin.

Forensic experts have confirmed that the skull is indeed human.

“The attending coroner quickly concluded by the size and shape that it was an adult human skull," said Duris.

Duris said the skull was now in the hands of anthropologists who will study it further.