Nørreport’s best kept dirty little secret (martini)

Don’t let the name of this bar deceive you. It may go by the name ‘Out of Juice’, but it is definitely not out of alcohol – it has a wide range of cocktails and even its own homemade shot. With its entrance hidden around a corner, Out of Juice is one of Nørreport’s best kept secrets, but once you’re in on the secret you’ll keep going back for more. Although the bar’s outside appearance isn’t quite inviting, and as you’re climbing up the narrow stairs you wonder what you’re getting yourself into, you’ll be glad you gave it a chance once you’re inside. The mix of simple wooden furniture and classy black couches, and the size of the petite room lit by flickering candles create a laid-back, ‘hyggelig’ ambience, which will make you feel like you’re right at home.  

Its location is perfect for catching up with friends and unwinding after a long day as it situated close to Nørreport station, so it is practically on your way home. From Thursday onto the weekend, the bar becomes completely alive, packed with people from the age of 20 onwards, indicating the popularity of the place. Thursday is the bar’s busiest night according to the friendly bartender, when people like to come for pre-drinks before they carry on to different night clubs. One of the many attractions of the bar on a Thursday night is its unique dice deal. Throw a six and you can have a bargain you won’t be able to find anywhere else in town: you get to pay 1kr for the drink you ordered, including cocktails.

There was a cocktail I had never tried, so I took the plunge and tried the Bramble cocktail. This fresh mix of gin, lemon, blackberry, Faxe Kondi and sugar appealed succulently to all my taste buds. It was a perfect balance of the sweet blackberry and sour lemon. My companion tried the Cosmopolitan, which having a fair amount of expertise in, decided was a tad too sour, but it was elegantly presented like a cocktail should be.
If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then try their very own ‘Kloakslam’ shot which they claim to be their own trademark shot. It consists of a deadly blend of crushed up bon-bon sweets (yes the very ones from BonBon-Land) and vodka. The taste is hard to explain and one that must be experienced firsthand, but if you close your eyes – and don’t look at the murky colour – then it’s not too bad. It kind of has a sweet and sour taste and it beats the classic Danish shot, Fisk, which I guess isn’t too difficult.

One of my favourite things about the bar is the fact that you can sit on the window couches and stare out onto the busy street. As the bar is above ground level, it’s perfect for watching people bustling by, which my companion and I did as we chilled out with a cocktail. There’s a good mixture of music playing in the background, varying from old school ‘90s music to the latest hits which The Voice is known for playing, although on the weekends I am told it sides more with the latter to get everyone in a party mood.

As well as having a choice of different cocktails, there are also seven different kinds of foreign beers for those who prefer, which include Budweiser and Hoegaarden. If you are a cocktail lover, but sometimes find them a bit pricy, they have a good deal during the weekdays (Monday-Wednesday), where you can get any cocktail for 54kr until 22:00.There is the ‘Love-tail’  if you want to share 3 cocktails for 2 with someone, which cost a bargain price of 160kr. Out of Juice also boasts the world’s biggest cocktail, the Grand Super Bowl, which contains a hefty two bottles of spirit but also costs 1000kr, so think wisely before buying it. The slush ice shots are very popular, and even come in cocktail flavours such as strawberry daiquiri and champagne truffle and are well worth 100kr for ten. Slush ice which tastes like cocktails and has alcohol in it –who could ask for more?!

There is definitely good value for money at this bar and although it is quite a small bar, the size only amplifies the cosiness. With its welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great bar for not being too overcrowded the whole time, but crowded at the right times. Although this bar is hidden away quite well around the corner, once you find it you’ll wonder how you haven’t seen it in front of you all along. You can get the best of both worlds here: if you want a quiet catch up with a friend then you can find a secluded spot during the week, and if you want a lively night out, then visit it from Thursdays to the weekend, and it is guaranteed to put you in a party mood.

Out of Juice
Frederiksborggade 5, 1360 Cph K

Open Mon to Wed 16:00-02:00, Thu 16:00-03:00, Fri-Sat 16:00-04:00

Drinks prices go from 20kr, with various deals

3393 1147