Bringing Home the Bacon: Day 2

The Copenhagen Post follows the Farrell family as it cycles over 1,500 kilometres from Copenhagen to northern England in order to raise money to fight epilepsy

Team Farrell kept up the good work on the second day of their long journey home, from Copenhagen to Warrington, England.

Sebastian Farrell reported in his blog that the second leg of their trip, from Vordingbrog, in southern Zealand, to Lübeck, northern Germany, carried on as planned, save for a few mechanical problems.

After a short ferry ride (18 kilometres) from Rødby, the Farrells set out on German roads, where they suffered “two punctures in two minutes”, recalled Sebastian. This, however, gave way for one of the day’s most memorable anecdotes.

One of the punctures occurred outside an amusement park packed with children and, as younger brother Alex Farrell stepped out of ‘Matilda’ – the family’s support van – to help change the tyres, he instantly became an attraction for the several young Germans witnessing the scene. Alex has indeed pledged to wear a pink pig costume throughout the entire two weeks of the trip.

This way, he hopes to raise an extra £250 (2,372 kroner) for Epilepsy Action, the British charity the Farrell family decided to raise £10,000 (94,888 kroner) for, in memory of Felicity “Fliss” Farrell, the family's youngest daughter, who passed away in 2008 after an epileptic seizure.

On the biking front, Nathaniel (“Tan”) Farrell and his girlfriend, Regitze, held strong through this tough, long leg – roughly 263 kilometres.

Tan praised Regitze in the group’s blog, describing her as a “fantastic pace setter at the front of the group – reaching speeds of 20mph into Rødby”.

Tan’s father, Kevin, also biked a significant distance, though he suffered some discomfort in the shoulder which led him to take a break in the van. Brother Sebastian also rode part of the way, completing an honourable 25 miles (40 kilometres).

After a well deserved night’s sleep, Team Farrell took off once more this morning for a somewhat shorter stage of their itinerary: the 64 kilometres separating Lübeck and Hamburg, heading west. So far, Nathaniel Farrell and his family have cycled a total of 342 kilometres – “only” 1267 to go!

“Bringing Home The Bacon” is the Farrell family's plan to cycle its way to northern England in order to raise £10,000 (94,888 kroner) for a charity raising awareness of epilepsy. The project, set up by Nathaniel “Tan” Farrell, was inspired by the tragic death of his younger sister, Felicity, who succumbed to epileptic seizures in 2008. Donations can be made on this link.