Sex shop death was suicide, police conclude

Two women arrested on suspicion of murder plan to take legal action against the state now that evidence indicates the death was suicide

Two Romanian women, arrested last week on suspicion of murder in the death of 28-year-old Leszek Przytarski at a sex shop in Vesterbro, plan to take legal action against the state now that the death has been ruled a suicide.

Copenhagen Police concluded on Friday that Przytarski's death at the Play House's video booth was suicide. According to Politiken newspaper, police indicate that the knife wound to Przytarski's throat revealed signs of hesitation and that no signs of struggle or self-defence wounds were found on the body. Likewise, no technical evidence at the scene turned up signs of struggle either. Police also report finding writings by the 28-year-old that indicated that he was mentally unstable and had considered suicide.

The two Romanian women, aged 23 and 25, had maintained their innocence in the case since their arrest. They were held on detention but were not jailed due to a lack of evidence. Now that they have been cleared of the murder suspicions, Politiken reported that they will sue the state for damages. 

Przytarski was a regular at the sex shop, which offers booths where customers can watch pornographic videos and which are used by prostitutes for sex. He was a Danish resident and held a social security number (CPR) but was not previously known to police.