Bucks for boobs

August 15th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

Finance company offering fast money for breast augmentation surgery

Danish women no longer need to save up for several years before they can afford to increase their breast size.

They can simply get a fast, high interest loan from the finance company Dan-Aktiv, according to the Vejle County Folkeblad.

Quickie loans are also available to smooth bulging bellies, fix trick knees and for other types of cosmetic and non-life threatening surgeries.

"We allow people to get what they want in a simple and easy way,” Søren Kargaard from Dan-Active said in Politiken newspaper.”It doesn’t matter whether it is torn meniscus or a new pair of breasts, everyone can afford an operation, even if they do not have the money in the bank.”

Dan-Aktiv has branded itself as Sundhedskonto.dk in this context and has partnered with most private hospitals in Denmark.

A pair of new breasts typically costs 30,000 kroner, but that surgery financed via www.sundhedskonto.dk will cost nearly 43,000 kroner to pay back over five years.

Banking website mybanker.dk reported that the same loan can be found at some banks for as little as 36,000 kroner, but Dan-Aktiv said that its customers are looking for convenience and quick approval.

"I believe that our customers prefer us because there is a tendency for banks to say no to these types of loans,” said Kargaard. “We can give them an answer in 15 minutes, and I think it attracts customers.”


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